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"Suicide ideation is a symptom of mental illness that can be lifelong. Once I figured that out, my life was never the same again..."

Wairimu Ndung'u


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Digital Content Creator

Mental Illness Awareness

As a person with lived experience, I support patients with mental illness and their loved ones. I run a blog that acts as a resource centre for mental illness awareness where I cover psychopharmacology, different types of mental illnesses and relationships with mental health practitioners. My work has been published on Meeting of Minds and The Honest Creatives and with this experience, I believe I can create credible engaging content for you.

Mental Health Communication in USIU-Africa: A Report


A report including the key findings and recommendations of the study I designed and conducted titled, "The Spiral of Silence on Mental Health Communication among Students in USIU-Africa". I designed this report with non-researchers in mind so that they too can enjoy reading the details of a research paper accompanied by visuals and a more conversational writing style.